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Combining Artistry and Technology

YDL Concert is a Texas-based, full-service dental laboratory serving clinicians in the greater Dallas area. Founded in 1986, YDL was built on the commitment to artistically fabricated restorations. Concert was founded in 1999, and became a resource for discerning dentists throughout the country. The dental teams of each lab decided to merge in 2018, combining their skill in exquisite craftsmanship and prowess in digital dentistry. After merging into YDL Concert, we have become an ISO 9001:2008 certified dental laboratory staffed by industry experts. Our technicians utilize the latest digital dentistry innovations available to ensure every restoration that comes out of our Dallas-based dental lab exceeds the expectations of patients and clinicians. We are proud of our team of dental technicians who use their artistic abilities to inform their every action. With our willingness to embrace technology and change in the dental industry, as well as our in-depth understanding of oral anatomy, we are able to provide our valued clients with a full range of products, including fixed, removables, implants, and hybrids. We are also dedicated to providing personalized services that will increase patient satisfaction and reduce stress for even the most complicated cases.

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Restorations Are Always Better in YDL Concert

From traditional PFMs to complex implant cases, YDL Concert is the dental laboratory you can rely on for even the most complex cases. Just like having all of your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy, using one dental laboratory for your patients’ treatment benefits both dentist and patient when it comes to consistency, case tracking, and patient history. In addition to expertly fabricated dental restorations, we also provide value-added services that can take the stress out of case planning or transitioning your patient from a traditional removable denture to a fixed prosthetic. YDL Concert’s team of expert dental technicians utilize the latest in CAD/CAM technology to ensure high precision and esthetics for every case. We invite you to learn more about our full service line of restorations and experience YDL Concert for yourself.

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Send Your Case

At YDL Concert, we prioritize your time, which is why we want to ensure every case runs smoothly and efficiently for your dental practice team. Sending impressions to our full service dental laboratory is simple whether you are a new dentist or have been prescribing our high-quality restorations for years. We accept files from all major intraoral scanners and also provide printable Rx forms, UPS shipping labels, and a case scheduler. We also offer an online case entry portal, which will easily streamline your case submission and help you spend more time with your patients.