YDL Concert is founded on the merging of two successful dental laboratories. We are proud to provide our clinicians with unmatched quality and esthetics on every case. All our work is informed by the decades worth of experience our owners and technicians have in the dental industry. YDL Concert has harmoniously fused technology and artistry together since 2018. We are proud to look back on our histories, and are excited for the future growth of our lab and team.


YDL was started in 1986 as a one-man lab. In 2008, they purchased a 7200 square-foot building and had grown to be a 15-personnel lab of professionals and Certified Dental Technicians. The YDL team had the skills and training needed to handle all types of dental replacement options. Each member of their staff was chosen because they showed great skill when it comes to their field of expertise and have customer service experience beyond our expectations.

Concert Dental Labs

Concert was the nation’s leading, direct-to-dentist technology lab that was known for the creation of high-quality restorative products using only FDA-approved materials. Dentists throughout the nation relied on Concert Dental to provide the highest quality restorations using state-of-the-art dental technology. Concert Dental Labs used an innovative digital process to create ultra-precise, consistent fits, both at the margin and over large spans, every time. This process helped ensure every client received dental restorations that are consistently attractive and functional for patients.